Want to wrap your vehicle? Check out these instructional videos from the Wrap Institute:

Tips on How to Wrap a Vehicle Mirror:

Tips on How to Wrap the Front Bumper of a Vehicle:

Tips on How to Wrap a Vehicle Trunk:

Tips on How to Wrap a Vehicle Roof:

How many yards of film does it take to wrap your vehicle? A 25 yard roll of film is enough to wrap your average vehicle with some to spare. Feel free to contact us and we can give you a recommendation for your specific vehicle.

  • Front quarter panels: 1-2 yards each
  • Doors: 2 yards each
  • Rear quarter panels: 2-4 yards each
  • Bumpers: 2-3 yards each
  • Hood: 2-3 yards
  • Roof: 2-3 yards
  • Trunk: 1-2 yards

Visit our wrap supplies page to stock up on everything you need:

LifeSize Wraps is currently hiring talented installers. Do you have what it takes to become a wrap professional? Contact us for more information:

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