Why Wrap Your Vehicle?

Nothing gives you 24/7/365 advertising like your company name or logo on your company cars, services vehicles, over-the-road vehicles and equipment.

Consider vehicle wraps versus the cost of a weekly local newspaper ad. To reach a specific target audience an advertisement in your local paper probably costs somewhere around $200+ per week. For real impact, you have to place this ad a number of times to realize the benefit of your advertising dollars.

For Example:
One $200 Ad Placed 4 Times/Month
$800/Month Ad Cost for one Media Outlet
A Van Lettering Job, full colors on 2 sides and back
Cost $800.00

• The Van Lettering provides a much greater Return on Investment (ROI) with a potential viewing of 1,000′s of potential customers daily for several years.

• For a fraction of the cost of print ads and other forms of advertising media, you can have your truck professionally lettered with your company name, logo and product information. Create a great branding program by expanding your advertising to your vehicles today.

• Truck lettering reaches your potential customers every time you and your employees pulled out of your driveway. Your advertising dollars in this case are working for you around the clock. Where would you rather spend your advertising budget?

At Lifesize Wraps, our truck lettering installers and local designers have over 12 years of experience lettering vehicles. We work together with you to design a vehicle lettering program that will enhance your branding, your image, and your business.


Full Color Vehicle Graphics and wraps steal the show on the road! As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let pictures of your products, construction projects and more, dress up your vehicles and create a message that makes people look twice.

Ready To Make An Impact?

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