Agency & Printer Support Services

Lifesize Wraps provides agency support services by working in partnership with large format printers and creative marketing agencies to make THEIR clients look good. At the end of the day, the best way to make happy clients is if the design, printing and installation elements are working together.

Here Is What Our Strategic Partners Can Expect From Our Agency Support Services:

Accessibility and Communication

Our policy is to keep the print provider or agency appraised of their project throughout the process.  We provide timely answers to questions, address complications, and send progress photos which helps lead to a smooth, successful project.

Attention to Details

Our team works with our agency and print partners to make sure the details all line up just right. We make sure the design elements are lined up correctly around key areas before setting them.  We check on the order in which each install is to be provided. Professionalism is about managing details and we believe that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well.

“Good Enough” Usually Isn’t

Speed is how installers make their money.  The quicker a project can be completed, the better the potential profit margin.  Our goal at Lifesize Wraps is not speed, it is a combination of quality and efficiency. We warranty our installs and with good reason, most of the time we don’t have to come back. While some installers strive for speed, we know exactly what steps must be taken to ensure the graphics last and your client remains happy.

We Will Never Steal Your Clients!

Trust is key in any working relationship. Many of our agency partners have come to work happily with us after having previous installers breach their trust.  We believe we are obligated to our agency partners to do a professional job and look out for their best interests.  Our loyalty and responsibility is to our agency and printer partners.

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