Creating any type of attention-grabbing vinyl graphic takes a creative design, selection and utilizing of the proper materials, an experienced printing manufacturer, and professional installers – preferably a 3M Preferred graphics installer. Without all four of these components the quality, durability and effectiveness of your marketing effort will suffer.

At Lifesize Wraps, we have skilled designers to help your marketing team by providing great designs. We can also collaborate with your own design team to assure the execution is perfect. What sets us apart from many shops working in large format vinyl graphics is our excellence and experience INSTALLING graphics. Lifesize Wraps are experienced installers and are registered as 3M Preferred Graphic Installers.


What are the benefits of being 3M Preferred Graphic Installers?

  • 3M Preferred Graphic Installers are recognized in the industry for their knowledge of appropriate materials, proper use of tools, master installation techniques and skilled professional graphic installation.
  • Installers who successfully attain the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer are listed on the 3M website
  • Installers receive an official I.D. card issued by 3M.
  • 3M Preferred Graphic Installers are backed by a 3M warranty.

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